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Project Description

NCache is an extremely fast and scalable Open Source distributed cache for .NET applications. Use NCache for database caching, ASP.NET Session State storage, ASP.NET View State Caching, and much more.

NCache is used by hundreds of companies all over the world in mission critical applications. See more details about NCache at

  • Cache CRUD operations
  • Bulk CRUD operations
  • Lock/Unlock cached items
  • Item level event notifications
  • SQL & LINQ searching of the cache
  • Indexing data for faster SQL & LINQ search
  • Evictions
  • Absolute and sliding expirations
  • ASP.NET Session State Provider
  • ASP.NET View State Cache
  • Replicated Cache and Partitioned Cache topologies
  • Memcached Protocol Server (plug-in without any code change)
  • Memcached Wrapper for .NET (faster Memcached integration)
  • NHibernate Second Level Cache provider
  • NuGet Packages
  • Runs in Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and any other Cloud platform
See more details at

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