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Can't connect with remote .Net client


Hello ,

I wrote a project that works fine when running on the ncache server (my machine), but when I install ncache service to a different computer and run the code using my machine , then I get error
"No server is available to process ncache request "

the code :
            string BindIP= ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["BindIP"]; //the another machine ip
            string N_CacheName = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["N_CacheName"];
            int PortNum = int.Parse(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["PortNum"]);
            CacheInitParams config = new CacheInitParams();
            var servers = new List<CacheServerInfo>();
            servers.Add(new CacheServerInfo(BindIP, PortNum));
            config.ServerList = servers.ToArray();
            Cache _nCache = NCache.InitializeCache(N_CacheName, config);
Am I doing something wrong?